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El Cardenal Antonio Samoré, Augusto Pinochet y Hernán Cubillos

  • C-12-2362
  • 28/12/1978

Epígrafe: Vatican Cardinal Antonio Samoré shakes hands with Chile´s military president, Gen. Augusto Pinochet, as Chilean Foerign Minister Hernana Cubillos looks on. The prelate was sent to Argentina and Chile by Pope John Paul II to try to seek a peaceful solution to a territoral dispute that has taken the two nations to the brink of war


El Cardenal Antonio Samoré firma el acuerdo con los cancilleres de Argentina y de Chile

  • C-12-2356
  • 08/01/1979

Epígrafe: Foreign Ministers Carlos Washington Pastor (L) of Argentina (L) and Hernan Cubillos of Chile ® sign documents with Vatican envoy Cardinal Antonio Samoré asking Pape John Paul II to mediate the Argentina-Chile border dispute in Montevideo 1/8. Tha document also commits both countries to refrain from war and to pull back trops from the disputed area


Discurso de Andrés Aguilar

  • C-9-1906
  • 17/06/1977

Epígrafe: Andres Aguilar, president of Inter American Human Rights Commission, makes a passionate speech defending the commission´s report on human rights in the western hemisphere during political committee meeting at Oas


Juan Domingo Perón y Héctor José Cámpora

  • C-7-1100
  • 26/03/1973

Epígrafe: President elect Héctor J. Cámpora of Argentina, accompanied by former Argentina President Juan D. Perón, on their arrival in a Rome hotel. Campora arrived here to confer with Perón on the formation of his peronista governement


Agustín Alejandro Lanusse saluda a una bailarina de flamenco

  • C-7-1085
  • 26/02/1973

Epígrafe: Argentinian president general Alejandro Agustín Lanusse and his wife paid a surprise visit a local "Flamenco Tablado". Gen Lanusse is in Spain in a four days official visit. OPS: One of the flamenco dancers places a pin (La Brujula de Oro) on the President´s lapel


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