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Juan Domingo Perón y Héctor José Cámpora

  • C-7-1100
  • 26/03/1973

Epígrafe: President elect Héctor J. Cámpora of Argentina, accompanied by former Argentina President Juan D. Perón, on their arrival in a Rome hotel. Campora arrived here to confer with Perón on the formation of his peronista governement


Héctor José Cámpora en la misa en honor a la muerte de Juan Domingo Perón

  • C-4-301
  • 07/01/1980

Epígrafe: Former Argentine president Hector J. Campora is seen during a mass for Former Argentina president Juan Domingo Peron, in Mexico City 7-1. At left Campora is his wife Maria Giorgina, a handful of Argentines who like Campora are exiles, also were president.


El Doctor Enrique Baveraggi que operó a Héctor José Cámpora

  • C-4-290
  • 19/11/1973

Epígrafe: Dr. Enrique Baveraggi, director and chief of Buenos Aires Hospital Italiano, gets into his car outside the Mexicain Embasey in Buenos Aires late 11/19 after interviewing former Pres. Hector Campora. Campora, who has been living in the Mexican embasay awaiting safe passage to Mexico since April, 1976, is suffering from cancer and aeriuos condiction, according to his family.


Héctor José Cámpora con Francisco Franco

  • C-4-283
  • 20/06/1973

Epígrafe: Argentina´s President Dr. Hector J. Campora and spanish Chief of State Generalissimo Francisco Franco embrace each… the first one gets ready to board place that will take him bac… Argentina ending four days official visit to Spain


Héctor José Cámpora en una reunión con Juan Domingo Perón

  • C-4-282
  • 19/06/1973

Epígrafe: France and Argentine Pres. Hector J. Campora (R) sign agreement between their two countries here 6/19 prior to Campora´s departure for Buenos Aires. Looking on in center (seated) is former Argentine Pres. Juan Peron who is also returning to his home country, ending 10 years of exile


Héctor José Cámpora con Francisco Franco

  • C-4-281
  • 18/06/1973

Epígrafe: Argentina President Dr. Hector J. Campora seems to be paying close attention to what Generalissimo Franco has to say during a state dinner honnor of Spanish Chief of State at the Moncoloa Palace


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