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Juan Domingo Perón

  • C-8-1700
  • 14/11/1972

Epígrafe: Former Argentine President Juan Peron flashes a big smile and raises his hand as he arrives at his Roman hotel after his arrival from Madrid.

Avión de un vuelo privado en donde viajan Juan Domingo Perón y María Estela Martínez de Perón

  • C-8-1437
  • 14/11/1972

Epígrafe: General Juan D. Perón on his may back to Buenos Aires leaves madrid on the first leg of the trip taht is taking to Rome in this private jet (left). A handful of well-wishers were allowed to near the plane as Peron boarded. No newsmen were allowed to see him as they were kept waiting in a conference room for a press conference that never took place.

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